Tuesday, September 15, 2009

By controlling my attitude I will ensure

By controlling my attitude I will ensure
that every person I meet to-day
will be, up-lifted, inspired
and happier for the meeting.
Everyone wants a sense of significance, to feel that they are important, that they matter. Now, we gain our sense of significance in two ways. Firstly through our connection with other people and secondly through our contribution to life.
Some people, unfortunately, try to gain a sense of significance by belittling others, to make themselves seem important by making others feel unimportant, to make themselves seem clever by making others appear stupid. This is very sad and such people are never very happy. They are constantly afraid that someone may find out that they are just bluff. I am sure that you know this kind of person, the kind of person who brightens up a room, by leaving.
You should develop your significance by helping people. Now the best thing that you can do for anyone is to help them to feel better about themselves and about life. Give each person you meet the greatest gift you can give them. Give them the gift of recognition, see past the label that society may have imposed upon them. See, and acknowledge, the person, the fellow human being, with whom you are dealing.
What would you like people to say about you when you leave?"Must you? Please come again soon" or "Thank goodness that's over". How would you like them to feel when they are expecting you? Would you like them to be excited and look forward to your visit? or feel"Oh no. I don't think I can face it."
Make this a challenge for life. Every day have a competition with yourself to see how many people you can positively influence. Give a smile, a kind word, a helping hand. Make this your daily affirmation "By controlling my attitude I will ensure that every person I meet to-day will be, up-lifted, inspired and happier for the meeting."
With love and best wishes

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life is for living and the living of it is now.

Life is for living and the living of it is now.
We need to learn to travel back to the present. We spend so much time mentally reliving and rehashing the past, and dreaming about, or dreading, the future that we spend surprisingly little time here where it actually counts, the present.
We tend to spend far too much time in the past regretting what might have been, I should have---, I could have---, if only I had---, if only I hadn't. Reminiscing about what was, remember when---, those were the "good old days". Realise that today will be one of the "good old days" we remember in the future.
We tend to spend far too much time in the future worrying about what might happen, dreaming about what we would like to have happen, what we would do if---. It is as if we put off living until we each some magical place over the horizon.
Learn to live in the moment. Focus on the task at hand and forget about things not done or things yet to do.
Little children still have the ability to do this. Watch them, they have the capacity to become totally absorbed in what they are doing, they do not think of anything other than what they are doing now.
I am sure that you have had moments like that. It seems as if time stands still. It is also times like these that you tend to cherish. When you seem to have an energy that transcends mortal effort.
Learn to live in the moment. When at work, be at work. When at home, be at home. When you are with someone, be with that person. Give all your attention to the situation at hand. If you have something bothering you either put it down or do something about it. Carrying it around causes you to miss the magic of the present moment.
Try this. Just for an hour walk around carrying a bucket of water in your left hand, do not put it down. How effective do you think you will be, eventually all you will be thinking about is that bucket of water and you won't be able to do anything else.
Learn from the past, plan for the future, but live in the present. Be aware of your actions for it is by your actions that you create your past and affect your future. Realise that your actions now are the building blocks of your history and the foundations of your future.
Now is all there is. Now is everything. Out of these fleeting moments in time we weave all our joys and our strife. Now is your life, learn to live it by living in the moment for "Life is for living and the living of it is now"
With love and best wishes

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What you give, determines how happily you live"

"What you give, determines how happily you live"
Too often we determine the quality of our life by how happy others made us, by how happy we have been. To become genuinely happy measure the quality of your life by how happy you helped other people to be. Be generous, give freely of yourself, with no sense of expectation.
When you start giving out of a sense of joy you will find that you have an immense capacity for enriching the lives of those people that you come into contact with on a daily basis.
Giving is not only limited to material goods, in fact they are but a minor portion of the value that you give or can give every day. The greatest gifts that you can give cost nothing but benefit both the giver and the receiver immensely.
Give a smile, a kind word, love, sympathy, friendship, a sense of hope, a joke, attention, respect. Always try to leave the people you meet more positive, about themselves and about life, than when you met them.
You have immense capacity for doing good and making a difference. Start by giving. Giving freely and joyously.
Have a competition with yourself, see how many people you can positively influence today. Remember you cannot do unto others without doing unto yourself. If you spray perfume onto someone you also get to enjoy the scent.
As you increase the level and quality of your giving you will be amazed at how much you receive in return, because "What you give, determines how happily you live"


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What is SUCCESS?

What is SUCCESS?
There seems to be a common need to be successful.
The problem, as I see it, is that there seems to be a perception that you are only successful when you have lots of big shiny stuff and have a big important position. I don't believe that these things define success and I do not think that you should feel unsuccessful just because you haven't got them.
I think that you are being successful whenever you do whatever you are doing to the best of your ability.
You can be successful mowing the lawn. If your intent was to mow the lawn so that it looks neat and you have done that, then you are successful.
You can be successful at driving to work. If your intention was to get to work safely and you have done that, then you are successful.
You can be successful at whatever you do as long as you are meeting the intent of the activity.
You need to build a success platform from which to launch the rest of your life. Take time to acknowledge all the things that you are, and have been, successful at. This will build confidence in you for the rest of the journey.
If all you ever look at is where you went wrong, or what you haven't got, or how far you have yet to go, then it is very easy to become disillusioned and to feel like a failure. This is not the way to an empowered life. If you constantly compare yourself to others and see how they have more than you, it is easy to feel like a failure.
Rather than remembering everything that went wrong acknowledge all that went right.
Rather than complaining about what you haven't got appreciate and be grateful for what you have.
Rather than feeling overwhelmed by how far you have to go, acknowledge and take pride in how far you have come.
Rather than comparing yourself to others acknowledge your own achievements.
The feeling of being a success or a failure is just that, a feeling and you can control how you feel, and you must control how you feel or your feelings will control you.
So are you a success or a failure? Only you can decide।


Friday, February 13, 2009

Your life is a work in progress

Your life is a work in progress
When you accept that your life is constantly evolving and that every morning you have the opportunity to recreate yourself, to determine how you want to behave and what you want to achieve in terms of personal growth and development then you will truly understand the magic of life.
In order to truly capitalise on this “work in progress” philosophy there are three basic principles that we must keep in mind at all times.
You must have the wisdom to determine who you wish to be as a person, what character do you want to develop? What reputation do you want?
You must have the wisdom to understand that you can have just about anything you want if only you are prepared to do what it takes to get it.
You must have the wisdom to accept that you will not always get what you want.
You must have the wisdom to accept that you will not always want what you get.
You must have the wisdom to realise that if what you are doing is not working then you must stop doing it and try something else.
Take the time to discover what the intent behind your actions is. What ever we do we do for a reason, but often the reason we verbalise is not the real reason, that is the logical reason that we use to try to justify our actions. What you want to discover is the “emotional” reason. How will you feel after you have acted? What is the feeling that you really want? When you have discovered the emotional reason you will be able to determine if what you are doing will actually result in what you want.
Life is a “Do It to Yourself” process, it is a participator sport not a spectator sport. In order to become who you want to be and to achieve the goals that you have for your life you must take action. The first rule of success is “Take part” You have no chance of winning the race if you are not in the race.
Your life is a “Work in process” what do you want it to be like when it is finished.
Realise that the future is given to us as an endless set of possibilities, it is our responsibility to choose the future that we want and then to go to work to turn our dreams into reality.
May you choose a future that is worthy of you.
May you work to make your future a reality.
May you look upon your creation with pride.
With best wishes